Sofia Stephenson


About me

Hello! I am a Junior Web developer and lover of human and machine languages alike. Before getting into coding I worked in the Middle East with refugees and in schools. I speak Arabic and translate from time to time. About a year ago, I began coding and became obsessed with it. Coding engages my practical love of languages and logic with the incredible power of computers. When I began coding it was as though the veil had been lifted from the mysteriously powerful object that digitization is, and I came to see that all modern technology is compiled of beautifully, masterfully, creatively braided strands of logic, engineered by human genius. Realizing this, I became obsessed with the infinite potential of coding. Coding is human magic. I went on to study at Le Wagon coding bootcamp in Autumn 2019, and have since then buried myself in projects and practice. I am a member of a women's coding group "Ruby Stars", a subgroup of Code Curious in Berlin. Additionally, I love laser tag, write comedy, and have a baby addiction.


Interested in

coaches, project

Technologies of Expertise

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ES6 Javascript, AJAX, CSS, HTML, SCSS, Bootstrap, GIT, APIs, JSON, XML, Scraping, relational databases, SQL, Postgres, Heroku, Webpack

Technologies of Interest

React, NodeJS, Vue, SASS, Python, Java