Ankara , Turkey

About me

I am a junior university student at Hacettepe computer engineering.
I am mainly interested in data science and machine learning areas and I have been involved in a number of group projects in this context. I worked on projects on data science and machine learning/deep learning areas. In my data science project, I made churn prediction by processing the user’s data of a mobile application and divided the users into clusters according to their certain behaviours. In my machine learning / deep learning project, I did emotion analysis from sound data and in this project I tried to classify 9 different classes using CNN and LSTM structures.


Interested in

Technologies of Expertise

Python, Java, Javascript, C, Keras, SQL, openUI5, Git, OOP, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Science, Deep Learning, React.js

Technologies of Interest

R, Hadoop, Spark.I am interesed in