Evelyn Blázquez

Milton Keynes

About me

My name is Evelyn and I come from Spain. I was born in a little beautiful town called Zarauz, situated in the north east coast, between Bilbao and San Sebastian.

My background is in Business Administration. I finished my studies in Denmark, then I moved to Madrid, and ever since I have had the opportunity to work in international and diverse environments. I have always worked as PA, Office Manager and similar roles, and for a few years I also run my own business..

Two years ago, I left my job in Madrid, I moved to the UK with my family (husband and 2 children), and decided to become a software developer. Why this career change? Well, during the past few years in Madrid, I had the opportunity to join a technological start-up and I had the chance to work closely with the dev team. Thanks to that, I developed a genuine interest in software development and decided to learn more about it.
While working there, I also came in contact with an Agile approach to building software and found it fascinating, so I decided to become a software developer. At first, I started learning through websites like freecodecamp and codecademy, then I found a meet-up in Milton Keynes (UK) called GirlsCode and started to get actively involved in organizing coding events and workshops.

Then I found out about bootcamps to learn how to code. After some months of reflection and more self-learning, I made the decision to apply to Makers Academy Coding Bootcamp in London, I was accepted and I recently graduated as a full-stack software developer.

A few months ago, I took over the administration of the meet-up Girls Code (in Milton Keynes), where we encourage and empower women to learn how to code… The aim of this group is to give women the opportunity to meet other likeminded women and support each other in this underrepresented IT world. We have coaches that help us when we do not have enough knowledge to answer our attendees questions, and myself and my colleague Georgina act as mentors to the attendees. We want them to see that it is possible to change careers, that it is possible for anyone to learn to code, that it is amazing to have the opportunity to create amazing things with code. We prepare workshops to work on the skills that a programmer needs to have, with special focus on what kind of skills the companies are looking for.

We like to say that we empower them to empower themselves in this journey.

So far we have had many success stories of women who have attended our meetup regularly and have made possible their dream to become software developers.
We also organize hackathons and other similar events.

We meet every other Tuesday at the mansion in the iconic Bletchley Park (“Home of the Codebreakers”).

I am passionate about technology, nature, human diversity, books, music, watching superhero movies with my children…


Interested in

Technologies of Expertise

Agile, Scrum

Technologies of Interest

JavaScript, React, GraphQL, Node, Mongo, HTML, CSS