Nupur Agrawal


About me

I am a 19-year-old, sophomore currently enrolled at IIT Roorkee. I developed a passion for development in my freshmen year and from then, most of my time goes into reading and writing software. I have been contributing to open-source regularly since my freshman year.
While exploring, I came across the field of networking, optimization techniques, and algorithms, packet analysis, etc. Since then I seek every opportunity to learn more about this. I try to solve some CTF questions and have been doing binary reversing and pwning, using decompilers like gdb and radare.
I am part of SDSLabs, a technical group of our campus, where I have worked in teams on various development projects, developed many new applications while maintaining several old ones. Most of the work is done on strict timelines with a lot of focus on test-driven development and following the best practices to structure the code as per the requirements of the task.
As of coding style, I document my code and leave necessary comments wherever required.
I can code in Java, PHP, C++, C, Python, JavaScript, Solidity, experienced in tools like nmap, Wireshark, Burp suite and am proficient in using Git, VSCode, and Vim.


Interested in

pair, project

Technologies of Expertise

Web development, Game development, Networking, Operating systems, Optimization techniques, app development

Technologies of Interest

AR, VR, Programming languages, cyber security, data structures and algorithms