Li Han


About me

I am a Year 1 Computer Science student from the National University of Singapore. My one-year experience in Computer Science has allowed me to appreciate the power and beauty of programming. I enjoyed the process of working with different algorithms and data structures to solve problems. Modules like Programming Methodology has facilitated me to have a rigorous understanding of programming languages such as Java and JavaScript. Now I am eager to apply the knowledge I have learnt so far in a real-life industry context. I also picked up Ruby, and HTML/CSS on my own considering its wide usage in many disciplines. Besides, my experience in University Scholar Programme has deeply encouraged me to learn through collaborating with others. The programme places a huge emphasis on liberal arts and interdisciplinary studies. As a result, I often find benefiting tremendously from my friends who offer refreshing insights based on their learning from their home faculties.

I am highly interested in joining RGSoC and work on a project with amazing mentors and teammates. I am excited to learn new tools and develop meaningful projects. I look forward to embarking on a new journey with RGSoC.


Interested in

coaches, project

Technologies of Expertise

Java, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML/CSS

Technologies of Interest

I am very interested in learning web development and its related technologies.