Abu Dhabi

About me

Xin chào! Hello! Salut! My name is Nhi. I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at NYU Abu Dhabi. I’m interested in a thousand things and have been dreaming to become a painter, historian, farmer, pianist, and many more, but I’ve been trying computer science lately, and its huge potential to contribute to different fields is actually what makes me choose computer science as my undergraduate major. My passion includes coding and data visualization. My latest side project is Healthcare Data Visualization using D3.js. Check it out here in my Github -!

I also love learning online courses at my own pace. My currently enrolled course is TensorFlow 2.0 Masterclass: Hands-On Deep Learning and AI on Udemy.

I love learning new languages and traveling as well!


Interested in

coaches, project

Technologies of Expertise

Java, C++, Python

Technologies of Interest