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Hello everyone!!!
We are happy to join the rails girls summer of code!!!
Our awesome team is made of a mentor, Andrew, based in the USA, and 2 coaches, Ranendra and Anuj, in Helsinki and London respectively. And they both have tons of experience in helping novices learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Our last coach Patrick is actually a professor at our universtiy(Helsinki Metropolia UAS), and he is really helpful and knowledgeable in school and willing to help us during the summer, And we, students, are studying IT in Helsinki Finland. Our team is very multinational and full of creativeness. Our project is called, and we are so exited because we love gaming and coding.

Our project plan is below(same as in the application):

Workplace : Won's place(1 nice livingroom that is suitable for teamwork) or Metropolia UAS library
* The time line is temporary and adjustable. Most likely we will expedite the schedule especially about article 1 ~ 3, as we already started them as of April.

Learn how to use git (During the 1st week of July)
* Make some updates to the project's and learn how to submit a GitHub pull request

Learn basic Ruby syntax (During the 1st week of July)
* codeschool ruby tutorial, "why's (poignant) guide to Ruby",,

Learn some basic features of Rails (During the 2nd week of July)
* Submit a pull request which implements a small feature or change

Learn how to write unit and integration tests (During the 3rd week of July)
*.Submit a pull request which implements some tests for features that were never tested

Try test-driven-development (During the 4th week of July)
* Write tests for the feature you want to implement
* Implement the feature until your tests pass
* Submit a pull request

Update the project's with a review of the things you've learned in order to help someone else get started contributing to the project. (Every week)

Build out the libraries section to be more like (from end of July to mid-August)

Add ability for developers to showcase the games that they've built (from mid-August to end of August)

Add ability to post a tutorial, video, slide deck, etc (from Beginning of Septembe to mid-September)

Add a more formal "guides" section for beginners (like Rails Guides) (from mid-September to end of September)

Continue to implement features as time allows.



  • Yasamin SalamiYasamin Salami
  • Coaches

  • Anuj DuttaAnuj Dutta
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  • Patrick AusderauPatrick Ausderau
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  • Ranendra AdhikariRanendra Adhikari
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  • Andrew HavensAndrew Havens
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