Monday Mighty Monday August 31st, 2015

August 31, 2015 19:54 UTC Team CocoaGems [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We did:
A mini scrum this morning.
Went for a delicious lunch and ran into some Swedish startup people.

Spent some time calendaring
Talked to tutor and found some additional Ruby resources to learn about object model
Spent the early morning reviewing Ruby syntax and working in terminal to use basic methods
Figured this would be great review to clarify questions I have re: fancy methods in CocoaPods
Did some proofreading through board.rb and checked notes to see if there's anything I left out, removed un-needed documentation and went through parts i did not understand.
Cleaned up some of the documentation in board.rb and committed changes.
Learned about unit testing as an alternative to rspec via
Read Ch. 1 and parts of 2 in 2014_metaprogramming-ruby-program-like-the-ruby-pros.bok.kooshlzk.2e.pdf
Ran mini scripts in terminal, learned about sub (switching out only the first to occur in a string) vs gsub replacing the whole string by the second
Had a coaching session with Nevyn on Unit:Tests and on creating library code and test code files inside of a directory to separate the code from the Tests

Spent the day before lunch rebasing the gem/plugin cocoapods-search changes into CocoaPods:
* had some problems with conflicts and test that failed. Got help from the CocoaPods team and from GitHub.
* read some information and documentation about rebase:
Spent the afternoon fixing issues in the cocoapods-search plugin
* Learned what a trailing newline is - newline at the end of the code file that needs to be there to avoid merge conflicts.
* Learned what a trailing whitespace is - a whitespace after a line of code that can cause problems.
* Also worked on adding a flag for Watch OS to the search plugin. It gives, results but not sure if they are valid and need to check that with the CocoaPods members.
* Also wrote a test for the WatchOS flag. Probably need to add a pod that works for Watch OS in the fixtures folder.


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