Team Tessie Day 42

August 31, 2015 17:25 UTC Team Tessie [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Monday Monday.... rubs tired eyes

Today we did lots of organising, and lots of calls. We had our 1 on 1s with Ola and discussed how things are going, how things have been, and where things shall go. Our calls with Ola are great, and extremely encouraging!

Shelly: I slogged through more of my Hapi app, trying to find out ways to fix things that just didn't seem to want to work. I chatted with Charlotte (another Hoodie contributor who is the fountain of knowledge on accessability) and she had a look to be a fresh pair of eyes on the problem.

It was reassuring when she looked at it and also couldn't get it to work and discovered that the problem wasn'T my lack of skills, but a bug in the hapi store! We had a chat about JS and she offered me some helpful resources.

My head was getting so foggy with all the things that when I took my 45 minute lunchbreak I wanted a total disconnect from the things at hand so I speed-baked some fairy cakes and was done in time for myself and Pilar's pre-standup call to coordinate. We had our standup and then Gregor helped me with the things that were blocking me with the app. Only a couple of tiny steps to go and it'S DONE! It's great to finally see the end in sight for something I found very very tricky to do.

- So it turns out I had made everything MUCH MORE complicated than needed be. I had written basically a newbie's guide to hoodie-css instead of the developer's lorem ipsum filled regular page. OOPS.
- So I made a lorem based off the hoodie docs index because I STILL CAN'T FIND the hoodie css index.html
- So it turns out I've been on the wrong branch thing whole time and now that I'm on the right branch I can see all the files everyone has been talking about
- NOW I can solve ALL the issues!
- I finished my work super fast and made a quick PR (Thank goodness for being on the right branch!)
- Ramon and Ola showed me neat git tricks :D

Branches!! You are the bane of my existence!


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