Friday - day after official RGSoC vacation day

August 28, 2015 23:48 UTC Team CocoaGems [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Karla :
Did some reading.
Learned about The NY Times forecast for the top next 30 Unicorns.
Read about other student internships and their blogs.
Realized that their's so much to learn and wishing that the internship was longer.
Enjoyed my day in Palo Alto with Sweet Sunny Weather

Spent the day on the couch watching Sense8, recovering from jetlag and a cold.


We : had a scrum together and went out to lunch

Scheduled some tutorials for next week.
Worked on board.rb
Ran Tests using bundle exec rspec for board.rb
Had a mini rspec/bacon tutorial/ Session
Brainstorming for blog posts

Worked on finishing the plugin cocoapods-search
* Fixed all my test on travis by adding travis.yml file to my project
* Got a code review page from CocoaPods
* Got info about the steps to finish to be able to integrate the plugin to CocoaPods:
* Did two Pull Requests to enable the plugin in Cocoapods:

(Also troubleshooting for like an hour why my bundle install would not build. I had forgot a comma. The joy of programming ;D)


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