Braintree and its docus

August 26, 2015 04:13 UTC Team RubyGirls Quito [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Great day!
1. Use the many-to-many relationship previously learnt.
2. Tried Braintree sandbox.
3. Read about Braintree's
4. Read about the Client token: "A client token is a signed data blob that includes configuration and authorization information required by the Braintree Client SDK. These should not be reused; a new client token should be generated for each customer request that's sent to Braintree. For security, we will revoke client tokens if they are reused excessively within a short time period" (seems pretty secure, must be checked); and payment method nonce.
5. Probably Figaro gem must be included.
6. Learnt to set Up JS Client. Must decide which integration to use:
7. Learnt about simple ruby server:
8. Read about API credentials.
9. Learnt about looks great!
10. Searched for braintree security (it's always good to know): Seems like a good thing to do:
11. Read this docu, which is really awesome:

Run dummy on LEAP's engine to see what's going on, find out if braintree is accepting bitcoin (I think it is on beta), read docus again, set up JSclient. Check this:,,,


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