Day 31

August 25, 2015 16:30 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Odd day: We started off smoothly with some good ideas on how to implement our next two stories, wrote our first test, got it to pass... and then got very stuck with our good friend CouchDB, which refused to cooperate for mysterious reasons (mysterious = nothing helpful to be found on Google/Stack Overflow). Also, we got different errors on my and Aya's machines, even though our code appeared to be the same. (And GitHub being slow/down for much of the day didn't help.)
In general, pairing worked quite well, however. :) We have an idea on how to continue tomorrow and hopefully it will all magically sort itself out... we do seem to be halfway towards solving our last two user stories that still stand between us and our first pull request (because we were waiting to have a complete set of features around invite codes done before sending it).

At some point, Aya gave in to the jetlag and I joined a team meeting of the ThoughtWorks Quality Analysis team to find out more about how they work, and their role in the agile software development process.


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