Team Tessie day 39

August 25, 2015 15:27 UTC Team Tessie [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Wonderful weather today in that it is breezy and cloudy and raining and yes I realise that not everyone would agree with me on this, but I'm Irish and this is the summer weather I am used to.

Tried to get caught up on the things slowing me down with the Hapi app. Our lovely coach Clemens stepped in and helped me to fix my JS which I promptly broke by changing the app from local storage to pouchdb.

This right here is about me:

OH "When I fix things it breaks other things." - "Welcome to the world of coding!"— /me npm i dance (@misprintedtype) August 25, 2015

Other than this, when I was practicing my HTML/CSS a few weeks ago, I made a website for a psychiatrist friend of mine. she let me know that the email had entirely stopped functioning so I had to fix that this morning too - hey guess what the problem was. It was DNS. It's always DNS.

I lost track of time today so worked through lunch. When I realised this (upon reaching a 4pm slump) I downed tools and ran away to the ice cream shop. both of my favourite flavours were super melty so I got back to the office with my hands sticky and stained by bitter chocolate ice cream.


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