Day 30

August 24, 2015 15:54 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities



We're finally reunited <3 I'm back from Seattle and Anke is feeling better!

We started a bit later today because I was still a bit jetlagged (I arrived this morning!) and Anke had a doctor's appointment. After a short chitchat with our coaches we decided it would be best to update me on what Anke and Klaus had accomplished the past few days. So we looked into the code and I asked a few questions :-) I hope I can contribute something as meaningful as that in the next days haha
After that Klaus and Christoph were working on our failing 33 tests on Travis that all pass locally. (Why, Travis, why?!) We'll look more into that I guess.
It was a really good day for us, because we signed off two stories today. The cool thing is that we didn't even need that much help from our coaches! Batch-generating invite-codes is working now AND the user can type in how many invite codes should be generated. Isn't that just wonderful news?
I guess mastering rake helped us a great deal today and we're really happy that we stuck with it. Even though it sometimes felt like this.


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