Team Melbourne · #D39

August 24, 2015 06:45 UTC Team Melbourne [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  • Before stand-up with redbubble coaches: we tried to develop more routes for our User Interface
  • After stand-up: We realized that merging our basic adsense and dfp plugins in SITESETTINGS, and pushing that out to users to test might be a good idea. This would ensure we have at least a basic, functioning package with feedback. However, were faced with google conflicts (loadGoogle undefined) and if statement problems.
  • Afternoon: We then decided it might be better to merge adsense and dfp plugins in PLUGINS, which would allow us to utilize Ember Route Maps and Routes (not constricted to these, unlike in SiteSettings). This also makes things complex x100 because every route needs a model, template, controller etc. We have questions to ask Robin tomorrow.
  • Thanks Jo for sitting us through custom targeting! We'll be prioritizing security over user experience. Thus, looking to mimic google's key-value input system.

As such, our current goals are:
to merge adsense and dfp in Plugins. Aim: to look and function in the most basic form (similar to what we have now in discourse-adplugin master and discourse-adsense-test)


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