End of the Weekend

August 24, 2015 02:57 UTC Team RubyGirls Quito [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

-Yesterday, visiting The Rails Girls Event :)
-Fixed the problem with couchRest (thanks to my coach Edem :) ) Good installed but misconfigured.
-Learn what is bash
-Learn more abut ruby on rails (rails for zombies, I like it)
-Change the first view from erb to haml
-Create the first controller on leap project, copy the code and trying to make it run.
-Also, almost spoiling my Atom

A really good weekend!!
1. Have a great time as a coach in Rails Girls Quito 2015 and also loved to give a small talk about what I am doing in RGSoC!
2. Learnt a lot of new things at the event (for example, that you need to install jnode in Windows if you want to use cofeescript) and met many wonderful people! Created an app with the girls: https://github.com/claucece/tutorial and got inspired by their willingness to learn <3
3. Learnt about openshift.
4. Created new branch for posts: https://github.com/sriprasanna/leap-sample-app/tree/user-microposts: learnt about 'belongsto' and 'hasmany'
5. Continue with braintree task: learnt about .cvs, seeds, and responsive desing (foundation: http://zurb.com/playground/foundation-icon-fonts-3).
6. Got introduced to Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS): http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/12/an-introduction-to-object-oriented-css-oocss/
7. Thoughtworkers gave me this tutorial/game, that is awesome: http://overthewire.org/wargames/bandit/bandit0.html
8. Learnt about: git config --local core.autocrlf false.
9. Got inspired to learn C by TWorkers... future task ;)

And here a picture from RailsGirls Quito 2015! :)


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