Happy weekend!

August 22, 2015 08:51 UTC Team Fanxhe [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

This morning we started our day with our standup, then we shared our findings about our current tasks: show and hide buttons for code examples and generate a navigation bar, and we discussed some ideas about both tasks:

  • show/hide code blocks:
    • Doing a global button to toggle all code blocks or have a button for each code block.
    • We could use a filter
    • Cookies usage
  • generate navigation bar:
    • How to generate a link for every headline, subheadline, etc.
    • We have researched and analyzed code
    • We identified where this can be done
    • We could use another filter

During the rest of the day were playing with the code, trying to generate a collection of links for every section, and we did it. Then we are now looking how to include them in the generated style guide.

Have a happy weekend.


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