Fluffy Friday

August 21, 2015 20:23 UTC Team Cheesy [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Maud wrote her first integration tests with Capybara, and that was super fun! Capybara examples look easy, but it was harder than she expected to get the hang of it. But when it clicks, o, yeah, it clicks! Also, in preparation of the weekend challenge with the State Machine, she read about state machines in ruby. Totally prepared to attack the challenge, she ran into the wall with setting the season's settings in the Teams App. Which is a nice little IRL lesson on estimations in dev... You have two days to work on your state machine? Yeah right.

Ah well, it might lead to a nice new feature in the Teams app. As they say: the best solutions are born from annoyance with existing solutions. Promisses, promisses...


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