Appy Tuesday

August 18, 2015 21:09 UTC Team Cheesy [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

In our daily standup, we realigned our learning plan. We extended it with a new tool: reviewing eachother's code. And practiced with it right away. That's new, and is surprisingly different from pair programming. Also interesting: while the coaches easily spot all the weaknesses looking at the code on GitHub, us Ruby nuby's need the code up and running locally for a check and double check.

Roos got to explore the wonderful world of hashes, methods, arguments and parameters, thanks to the unrivalled Codecademy. Maud prepared our Sandbox for heavy testing, found this super nice database cleaner gem, and prepared herself for a coaching session by - the unrivalled! - coach Yorick. We discussed everything from namespaces and authorization to learning strategies and after-summer job opportunities. What a great way to end the day.


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