Day 31-35

August 18, 2015 08:22 UTC Team Delta Quadrant [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We have been at Chaos Communication Camp (#CCCamp) and it was amazing!

We were part of Open Code Town which organized workshops like Sketchnotes, Rust for beginners and advanced, Rails Girls, NodeSchool, Nodebot, a MaidSafe talk and a few meetups. We both were coaching at the Rails Girls workshop and Julia also at NodeSchool. Maren hosted a workshop on together with Anne & Anja.

Besides we got to know some core developers of diaspora and attended a diaspora meetup with users, podmins and developers. We learned more about decision making in the community, the history and current big development projects.

Last but not least we had much fun with coding new projects, soldering, experimenting with the rad1o, solargraphie, crocheting, meeting and hanging out with interesting people, swimming and great talks about data, women in tech, artificial intelligence.


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