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August 17, 2015 06:32 UTC Team Melbourne [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

A Monday unlike other Mondays

  • We basically have 2 separate code issues right now. a) One being the error with implementing handlebar safestring to prevent binding errors. It still hasn't worked out. b) Another being that the dynamic values (width, height and ad_code) will never be loaded by the time component is exported (see Adel's comments above)
  • how we are going to solve that: for (b) we'll ask Robin if Ember services is compatible with Discourse, or if there are alternatives. For (a) we'll defer that until (b) is done.
  • We created dfp ads through Vi's account. Will be doing some home study because dfp code is extended with .setTargeting. We're investigating the extent to which .setTargeting can be implemented. Usually there're 2, one for gender and one for age, but what if users want to have more lines of specification?

A slightly less eventful Monday, not going to lie :-(


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