Day 23

August 13, 2015 15:50 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

A busy but productive day (so productive we just realized we never even got around to publishing yesterday's daily log, even). :)

We worked on our next two user stories using the work we did yesterday - we made it quite far in implementing them and then completed them in another pairing session. (And learned a lot about Active Record Validations and views in CouchDB). And then realized that oh... it may work beautifully but now dozens of existing unit tests fail: Argh. So we had a long session with coach Lukas to get them back to green and learned a lot about overriding existing methods with test data. And THEN we realized that there may be a better solution than our first approach, so we changed everything around again. :)
But! As a result, two more stories moved across our Kanban board to the QA lane, two more are already ready for sign-off, and all together, they mean our first real pull request may be getting much closer! (So far, our finished tasks seemed to small to ask to merge them but slowly, it is getting a bit more substantial).

And to end the day, we added a few additional stories to the board/to our GitHub issues to make sure we don't run out of things to do. ;)


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