Day 22

August 13, 2015 15:39 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Another long day!
Anke is back so the first part of the day went to catching up on everything Aya had accomplished the day before while she was out.
And then... still lots of open questions! We worked more on invite code validation and the main result of the day is a long list of questions we came up with while researching how to approach the next task. So many things we don't know! :D
Our main confusion is around CouchDB and how to query it, which methods to use, etc. We managed to find a first step towards a solution in the evening with coach Klaus, now we just have to figure out how to fit it into the general code. :)
We still have one failing test to fix (but will need coach help for that - they also decided it was quite tricky.)
In the evening, Anke and some of the coaches went to the Hamburg Ruby Usergroup meeting.


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