After the fourth comes the sixth

August 11, 2015 15:55 UTC Team DEIGirls [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

The skip ball we bought yesterday allowed us to skip issue number 5 and go straight to issue number 6. And it is already brewing! On the way we found and solved a little pixie bug in our previous work and we added some more tests on previous issues.
Alex offered us Rubymine licenses and we made fun of Rosa because she doesn't like to use proper IDEs (Rosa still uses Geany although Inês does her best effort to show her other stuff). Now we are waiting for someone to offer us some Macs since everyone is so eager for us to use them!

P.S.: Inês is a pain. I only need a text editor to write. At least I don't use VIM. humph.
P.S.S: You can all see what I suffer daily with Rosa. xD


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