Friday before two weeks of remote working

August 7, 2015 23:46 UTC Team CocoaGems [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We did
Morning scrum
Mini session on how to change organisation in Xcode
Lunch and shopping

Emma did
The Travis CI test didn't go through on my PR yesterday so I needed to fix that today.
* It turned out that I hade staged the changes for commit wrongly so I did a new commit.
* Got a merge conflict and had to to a git fetch and a:
* git rebase origin/master
* That didn't work so I did a
* git checkout master
* git reset --hard origin/master
* git pull
* git checkout mybranch
* git rebase master
* did a git status to see the merge conflict
* fixed the merge conflict in the file
* git add
* git rebase --continue
* then I needed to do a:
* git push -f my
fork my_branch
* That fixed the merge conflict !! Yay!! :D

* Prepared to start working on my next issue:

Karla did

Worked on PanelPower! this am.
Figuring out how to Connect Data Source to a ViewController Using Swift.
Watched this YouTube Video:
And used this site for reference :
Read Up on some of the differences between C, Objective, and Swift:
Learning iOS Programming by Aladair Allar: Oreilly
Reading the Swift Developers Library to get more familiar with the language


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