Day 26

August 7, 2015 08:44 UTC Team Delta Quadrant [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We decided to make a pause working on our new issue of autosuggestion as Julia recognized that another contributor is currently changing the libraries that handle autocompletion and autosuggestion. Learning: it is a good thing to have an eye on the other contributions in a big project (e.g. via watching the repository on github).

So we came back to our map implementation and moved the map to the header of a post (as someone of the core contributors suggested). It is now displayed by clicking on an "open map"-text. We finally managed to work that out via a Javascript function that toggles between a display=none and display="".
The whole day was about frontend:
* implementing icons
* creating unique ids that are connected with the postID so we have a unique identifier for the map rendering
* understanding the difference between display=noneand visibility=hidden


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