Day 18

August 7, 2015 08:00 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Much of the day went to intense git wrestling: It turned out that our newly integrated signup form field needed changes to a 3rd party library, which a) doesn't seem ideal and b) makes life quite hard when trying to push your changes to git. So together with the help of several coaches, we first made the submodule into part of our code... and then back into a submodule after changing our minds. It certainly taught us a lot about git beyond the basic pull-commit-push-merge we'd needed so far, and went along with a longer coaching session on git as well.
We ended the day with another coaching session on password cryptography (to understand some of the cool aspects of LEAP as well as what exactly that 3rd party library does that took up so much of our day). So now we have a better idea of hashing and salting.

git, will you be our friend?


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