Team Melbourne · #D28

August 7, 2015 06:12 UTC Team Melbourne [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

1) Spent most of the day working out adsense reload functions in our current adsense plugin. The current code does display the ad, but still has the problem where ads don't show aft a few minutes.
(2) Had the whole office to ourselves (most, if not all)
(3) Finished Plugin Tutorial 5 on Admin Interfaces! This is the foundation that will allow us to create static images as part of the ad preview feature in the plugin.
(4) Created mobile ad dimensions for the ad plugin. If the site is on a mobile device, ads will instantly be set to 320*50. However, we couldn't test this on Safari's User Agent iPhone option, and it didn't work on our iPhones either when connected to the IP address. Localhost is blank even though the terminal is running. As such, we'll be testing this on production over the weekend.

Have a lovely weekend, all!


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