Team Tessie Day 24 - August 3rd

August 5, 2015 10:29 UTC Team Tessie [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today our mentor Ola is back from holidays, hurrah! In preparation for Jan's holiday, the daily standup with Hoodie has been moved to 14:30 every day so that it is more international times friendly, and that Gregor can join in too.
Shelly: I had my 1on1 with Ola to catch up on the things we have done and learned in the previous two weeks. I showed her the webpage I built to teach myself more complicated CSS/HTML and we discussed the upcoming my first hoodie app. I worked through the hoodie app skeleton today by reading through the code, looking up anything that wasn't totally clear to me, and then messing around with it and seeing what things I could do to break it, and then fix it.

I also got my copy of Eloquent Javascript in the mail so I dove wholeheartedly into that in the evening when I finished my official work for the day. :)

- apparently we have to leave our airbnb by 10:30 and our plane leaves at 5pm - no wifi or place to stop until we get home then!
- decided to wander Berlin until we fly
- went to media markt in search of instant film
- went to saturn in search of film - so apparently the instax mini film is sold out all over Berlin AND Berlin, you are hogging all the cool amiibos that we kill each other over in Austria, just for your information.
- played Street Fighter 4 on arcade machines vs Ramon because apparently the saturn flagship store is cool like that. His machine was stuck on Ryu and my Vega has gotten SUPER rusty.
- saw a chunk of the Berlin wall :o
- went to Uniqlo <3 <3 <3 <3
- had iced french vanilla coffee at DD (they had Pixels donuts - NO! STAHP SUPPORTING THIS MOVIE! NO!)
- got lost at the Tiergarten - which to my dismay is NOT a giant zoo that covers half the city :<
- had the lousiest bus ride that stopped at each stop for 10 mins, was super late, super packed and had no windows ARGH
- made it on time to our flight!
- made it home totally dead - did I forget to mention we were carrying enormously packed backpacks and a full, heavy shopping bag ALL DAY?
- all in all not a lot got done but I'll make it up on Saturday!



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