Team Tessie - Day 23 - Friday 31st of July

August 5, 2015 10:22 UTC Team Tessie [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Hard to believe one third of RGSoC is already over!

Shelly: After unintentionally working over 13 hours the previous day, I had planned to take it a little easier on my Friday. I didn't though. :/

My practice project for HTML/CSS was to make a simple webpage for a friend's business. Getting everything just right was tricky and led to me working lots more hours than I intended. This left me feeling somewhat mentally exhausted so I have learned not to push myself more than I know if ok for me.

- JRuby Conf! Such great talks, so many cool things to check out, I'll be posting a more detailed post on our blog
- Elastic sponsored ice cream... :o
- Lisa cam in a unicorn
- I got a headache so I went back to the hotel for a little bed (note: I had not slept well the night before or the night before that in excitement for these conferences!)
- went back for the last couple of talks and the eurucamp keynote! (also in my pikachu onsie because I was feeling sick and I wanted to be comfy)
- Jrubyconf/eurucamp after party which was THE BEST because besides meeting a lot of cool people Jan and Stephan from Hoodie came as well!
- Since we don't write daily logs for the weekend there will be a blog post, but I'll summarize in gifs:



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