August 5, 2015 01:48 UTC Team Exercistas [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  • Met up with Team CocoaGems
  • Made draft of slides based on yesterday's notes
  • Went through notes from yesterday's meeting with UX designers and made a line by line list of features to add once we are done working on a thing (aka "What Should I Do Next?")
  • Rubber-ducked the failing test to figure out big problems -Learned about API gem
  • Worked with Katrina to debug a massive pile of error-ing tests - something buggy in the Teams route was causing the order of routes in lib/app.rb to be important. Going through all of the changes in our current project (languages-info) and PRing them bit by bit to catch the errors as they happen.
  • Seattle.rb meetup!


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