Day 16: 1.5 hamburgers down...

August 4, 2015 17:12 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Starting out with the bad aspects of the day: Aya is ill and stayed home to recover. :( Hopefully she will feel better soon! And Anke had to go home to work from the couch with her legs up for half of the day (the joys of working on the "side project" of the next generation of coders in hot weather).

But there were also good aspects: After all our preparation and project planning, Anke pair-programmed with coach Klaus and finished one (nearly two!) of our first user stories! So the first contact with real life LEAP code has been made, and it seems that our weeks of tutorial-reading really do apply to code out in the wild. Aya, get well soon, this is exciting! :)


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