Day 15 (and the conference weekend!)

August 4, 2015 08:21 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  • Eurucamp is over and it was awesome! It was great to meet other teams (it felt on occasion like participants, coaches, study groups, organizers and other friends of Rails Girls/Rails Girls Summer of Code made up half of the audience!), hear a very interesting and diverse number of talks (from communication culture to teaching to code to coding as a live music performance), and hold our own lightning talk as well. (It got mentioned on the eurucamp blog! Things we learned: There is still so much cool stuff to learn! We should try and bring some of that amazing Rails Girls Berlin energy to Hamburg! And there is such a variety of skills and talents among other RGSoC teams!

  • Back in the office on Monday, we realized we could already move quite a few cards on our kanban board (we finished HTML/CSS/HAML tutorials, for example, and the spike for learning more about (password) validation is now in the Dev lane and well under way. We built a test app and practiced different variations of form validations on it, getting closer to implementing our first authentication feature on the sign-up form. In general, we hope to actually really dive into the code this week rather than work on more generalized tutorials - surely this will open up enough question for further, more targeted study. :)

lightning talk at eurucamp


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