It's FRIDAY! (title may change)

July 31, 2015 23:32 UTC Team Exercistas [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  • Met with JZ, our supervisor, today - talked about lightning talk, conference
  • Madison+ Ruby crowdfunding campaign updates, tracking and promotion
  • Had custard to celebrate new NIRD hires!
  • Broke down all of the feedback we got about our talk, narrowed down topics, brainstormed topics and ideas. We're going to stew on it for the weekend and start from there on Monday


  • Updated Sarah on ins and outs of crowd-funding campaign.
  • Thanked some donors to M+R funding campaign.
  • Discussed creating a women of color rails meetup, exciting!
  • Learned about WordPress plug-ins.
  • Worked with RenĂ©e on mini-tests and problems presenter. -Thanked people who retweeted our campaign


  • Created spread sheet to track for perks.
  • submitted the powerpoint version of slides for RGSoC
  • learned a lot about callbacks, that was a frustrating topic


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