Alexa, give me a cat fact

July 31, 2015 16:06 UTC Team Exercistas [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  • Learned that we will be giving a lightning talk at Madison+ Ruby
  • Prepared and practiced talk for tonight's MADEinSeattle Show & Tell meetup
  • Gave talk at MADEinSeattle, got useful feedback, heard about cool projects other people were working on!


  • more problems. Almost done!
  • researched singleton classes and how they affect the inheritance structure
  • took a look at the schema for the new exercism API


  • Read and followed tutorials on Sass/Scss , Bootstrap-Sass and Compass.
  • Got one step further on figuring out how all these are working with exercism.
  • updates to crowdfunding campaign
  • promoting crowdfunding campaign


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