The M in MVC

July 30, 2015 22:08 UTC Team RubyGirls Quito [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  1. Learnt about databases: Active Record. Read about differences with Relational database (
  2. Migrations are awesome: no need to learn SQL data definition language (DDL)... although it seems fun to learn it.
  3. When a firewall doesn't allow you to 'git push', kill it with: 'ps', 'kill [id]'
  4. Try to download this beauty: Failed to due to this problem: Will start working on that issue with Dave Cottlehuber (again!) with this: [ISSUE -id2 --update later]
  5. Learnt about migrations and how to reverse them:
  6. Started using sandbox, found our first exception.
  7. Learnt about 'setup' method and 'valid?'
  8. Ran the first: 'bundle exec rake test:models'
  9. Worked on length validation of users and format validation.
  10. Have a meeting with Christoph and (yeah!) Elijah. :)
  11. Learnt about cryptic regex:
  12. Learnt about uniqueness validations.
  13. Learnt about 'callback' method:
  14. Learnt how to add a secure password and minimum standars!! Loved hash functions and bcrypt! :)

Tasks for tomorrow: finish chapter 7; read more about bcrypt, salt (, dictionary attack (, rainbow table (; check in database: check in heroku; add test to email downcasting, work on [ISSUE -id3 --helper_test].

Just for clarifying a doubt:


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