Team Tessie - Day 22

July 30, 2015 19:24 UTC Team Tessie [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today Pilar travelled from Vienna to Berlin for Eurucamp, where she is going to meet several Hoodie people as well as LOADS of RGSoC people.

This morning I joined in on the daily hoodie call and then got stuck into practicing some different types of HTML and CSS in the hopes of contributing to making the MFH app pretty when we get to that point! The things we are working on for the app are things that we both find difficult so while Pilar is away in Berlin, I am not going to skip ahead of her, but rather catch up in places where I am still somewhat of a beginner. Although having said that, I can already see the progress I have made in this area since the start of Summer of Code :D

- travelled to Berlin by air (baaaaah airports, I like the flying just fine but airports - don't get me wrong we are super priviledged for being able to fly)
- got to Potsdam and settled into the hotel (it was super nice, really beautiful!)
- wanted to wander around but it started raining so we just went to the supermarket and laughed at things we didn't have back home (eg. "DIE limonade" floored me, I mean I get you might not be a big fan of lemonade, but no reason to tell it to go die! Also die is the german "the" with female gender... Also Maille mustard is crazy cheap here, what gives?)
- went to the speakers dinner which was amazing! Had so many desserts... :< I shouldn't have but I did! We sat with Kinsey and Rebecca and were later joined by Txus and Erik. I was so touched that all these amazing people even bothered listening to a noob like myself. They were so wonderful and interesting, it was such a great evening! Erik almost talked Ramon into buying an Apple watch - seems like almost everybody had them! I'm really grateful for the speakers, they were so cool!

worshipping the speakers


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