Day 65 - NavBar navigation, update readme file, final mentor meeting, lots of emotion!!

September 28, 2018 21:21 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Navigation links now that the application has been integrated with the existing Bahmni system. Interesting (!!) that we needed to use href for the navigation outside our app as the react routing would not route outside.

We have done it. We have finished the current story. We have finished the project.

We had our last mentor meeting. It is so nice meeting friendly people, but is so hard saying goodbye. We had some lovely laughs and our mentor was so complementary in his words " you should be very proud of what you have created" . He also drew us a certificate for taming the apache system that bahmni resides on!

We have also sent each other text messages of gratitude and plans to meetup for coffee to reminisce! We formed a great partnership, we learnt from each other, we adapted to each others programming styles, different ways of learning, and different personal responsibilities. We kept our focus on creating the best app we could for an important open source project that will be used as a little cog in a bigger wheel of keeping and getting people healthy in remote parts of the world on low resource equipment.


Finishing up documentation, messages of handover to the maintainers and then the community.

Making amendments to our presentation slides for 2 Nov and adding Ivo's comments of adding our background, why RGSoC, and the future. He would prefer a live demo and we will just have a video for backup.


A retrospective meeting has been arranged for next week while the project is still fresh.

Georgina is also going to reactjsday in verona next week. Thank you RGSoC for arranging tickets.

Thank you again for the opportunity RGSoC, sponsors, helpers and all the people that make this all possible.


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