September 28, 2018 19:03 UTC Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Can't believe its the final day already!! Where did all the time go :P
- We are extremely happy we were able to contribute so much to the responsive images feature these 3 months. They have definitely been challenging and provided some lifetime learnings 🤩
- We will miss our mentor and our supervisor so so much!!
- We worked more on our Servo blog today :)
- All the current PRs have been reviewed and merged. We can count them to be more than 10, for each of us 💃
- While the project has not ended yet, we are happy to have made some substantial improvements!!!! Who knows the next batch of girls in Servo will help with the remaining tests :D
See ya RGSoC, hope to meet you again next year 🔥


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