Day 63 - Bahmni Wiki, OpenMRS Community, customisation of existing app to integrate our new person management module/app

September 26, 2018 21:01 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Our 2nd blog (and last) has been published on RGSoC! Thank you so much.

We have been searching the extensive library of documentation on the existing Bahmni wiki. They use the software confluence. We have not used before so we have been learning this so that we can then document our app. Our mentor has asked the existing creators and maintainers where this documentation should be stored.

We did a zoom as a team so that we could share what we had both learnt independently from the community and the wiki. Georgina had found that Bahmni has a youtube channel to demo features and to explain how to customise the installation. This has helped us learn about accessing the virtual box, using VIM commands, and using SSH to change files and install custom bahmni-config directories .

Georgina then showed how the home dashboard is created and how the design may be a problem as it uses a template. We have posted a note to the group with a screen shot for more clarification and if the design is possible.

Eva explained how she had worked through a document that was suggested to her from the bahmni community as to how to integrate our app into the existing installation. We created a manifest.webapp file that is from a template and made amendments. We followed through the rest of the instructions from this document in a trial and error way. We noticed that if we made changes to the virtual machine we had to halt and then restart the virtual machine for the changes to take effect.

We then moved our application from development to build. However even after making changes to the module, zipping the file it didn't appear to work so more reading and help is needed.

Georgina created a demo video and a behind the scenes of our app. We have shared this with Ana Sofia but it was great to try and create as an alternative tool to written documentation.


Our mentor has tonight contacted the main developers of Bahmni for more guidance and how they want to progress.

Documentation, notes and comments to help anyone that will continue with what we have started with this person management app.

Continue learning more from the wiki, the open MRS talk.

Looking at previous commits in Github for a new module on bed management app that they also have launched albeit not in React. Our coach Kalan pointed us to this resource.


Meet with Mentor tomorrow

Meet with Coaches and try to organise a thank you, farewell, celebration evening which may have to be next week due to schedules.

Meet with Ramón

Even if we don't quite get things finished by Friday 28th I know myself and Eva are committed to handing this over complete as possible.


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