Day 61 - Format of table, Javascript function, documentation, 2nd Blog tweaks, tests

September 24, 2018 16:28 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Pair programming in Bletchley park. Catch up on conference and what still needs to be done with current story, documentary video, and blog.

More jest tests for button component

Added paragraph to state no records found when the fetch API is successful but no matches found.

Extracted SVG data like the other SVGs into ICON component so it is consistent throughout the app how SVGs are called and used.

Format of table, nth child in css and adding Ids to columns to format first and last column in table, added border to bottom of row to separate records and match design in InvisionApp

Tweaks to 2nd blog post, capital letters in filename and change of date on filename and permalink - now ready to merge - YAY!


More Jest tests to test spinner logic.

Age in data table needs to be formatted to months and days if less than 0 years. This means adding birthdate in the Fetch API to calculate difference in today's date and birthdate. Trying to create a function that can be called in a table.

Restructuring the app with common components and models in a directory structure that makes sense.


Bring tripod so we can record interview style in Bletchley park tomorrow for RGSoC documentary.

Meet with mentor, Ivo - feedback from slack comments about documentation

Meet with supervisor - Ramón on Thursday

Documentation in the form of a wiki to assist handover of code and decisions we have made to help with future development.


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