Day 60 - Coach <3 Ivo <3 is the best project mentor out there!

September 21, 2018 18:42 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • wrote some more jest tests
  • reviewed reactjs data grid libraries to see which one we should use for Bahmni
  • I went to the Vue.js workshop in London for the first part of the day: met up with Vue Vixens and discussed diversity with some of the leaders in the frontend technologies. Also Vue.js is pretty cool too and the community is one of the friendliest I've encountered so far.
  • We had a great 90-min meeting with coach Ivo to discuss everything from Toastmasters and the importance of team communication to reviewing our code and planning what we need to do next
  • Ivo is happy with our work and pleased with everything we have achieved through the summer!!
  • We both received RGSoC swag, thank you <3 RGSOC <3!


  • implementing meetup notes
  • writing more tests
  • updating the documentation
  • cleaning up css
  • finishing the current story


  • cry because RGSoC is going to be over


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