The C in MVC

July 28, 2015 07:19 UTC Team RubyGirls Quito [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today we had a long and busy day:
1. Learned about CamelCase and snakecase:,
2. Learned about StaticPages.
3. Learned about underscore:, assertselect method, provide and yield.
4. Learned bout undoing things in Rails.
5. Learned about Rails shortcuts.
6. Read about GET.
7. Reviewed views.
8. Learned about tests, especially about TDD. Ran first test! (Red, Green, Refactor)
9. Checked HTTP status codes:
10. Learned about UNIX touch command:
11. Discovered "code smell":
12. Reviewed HTML and ERB.
13. Learned to prevent Cross site request forgery:
14. Discovered minitest-reporters gem:; minibacktrace gem:; Guard:
15. Learned to add thing to .gitignore.
16. More UNIX commands: ps aux, grep, kill...

The app we're building can be found here:
More about guard to be reviewed:,

Great day!!


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