Day 57 - Pair Programming, react tables, css code, RGSoC Meetup

September 19, 2018 18:19 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Met up irl at bletchley park. Good session on css styles. Eva shared her way of grabbing the element using the inspect on a browser and right click on the three dots on the relevant line and then click on copy and select copy selector. I think this will save me lots of headaches of css however it still looks ugly. I think I need to change my purist thinking.

We solved a few problems with the spinner size on the search button and changing the text with search or searching depending on the logic.

We sent messages on slack to mentor to look at a potential design of a pop up if the fetch api fails, he replied promptly to send message to bahmni group for decision.

RGSoC meetup - talk on learning mindset. I was very supported by both Annas and it was good to practice. Lesson learnt I need to make sure the toolbar with peoples faces on zoom is at the top of the screen otherwise I naturally look down and then I am not looking at the camera.

Changed the styling of the 2nd blog post, added another image and added whitespace so markdown worked.


Keep looking at react tables

Continue to restyle the button on search form



Meetup with Ivo

Finish current story and feedback from mentor

Check for new designs and feedback in invisionapp

Video interview for RGSoC 2018 documentary


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