Day 55

September 18, 2018 15:03 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Public Speaking

  • Spoke at a Lunch and Learn
  • Worked on our feature for Exercism

After weeks of encouragement from our coaches, our mentor Katrina, and random ThoughtWorkers, we signed up to give a presentation at a ThoughWorks, our host company. It would be an opportunity for us to tell everyone about Rails Girl Summer of Code, our project Exercism and what it was like being Rails Girls at ThoughtWorks.

After signing up, we spent the next four days worrying about what we were going to say, how it would be received and wondered if we would fail miserably. All of our worrying was for nought. Amalia began by talking about the gender imbalance in open source contributors and how Rails Girls Summer of Code started in a effort to ameliorate this problem. She then give a brief history of Exercism and gave a walkthrough on signing up as a user, on using the platform and also how to become a mentor.

Lori continued by talking about some of the things we worked on this summer on the project and describe the feature we are working on for Exercism. At the end of the talk she described what it was like being a Rails Girls at ThoughtWorks, emphasizing the importance of having a supportive environment when you are entering tech.

It was a very positive experience. The best part was getting an opportunity to share with the TW community how much we have benefited from having them as a host company, professionally as well as emotionally. Our journey into tech has been a long and interesting path. It was here at TW where we grew. It was also a chance for us to share how important they were to our confidence.

Our feature
With our talk behind us we returned to focusing on our feature. Amalia figured out how to use ActiveRecord and wrote the code to display some user data in a view. A perfect ending to another amazing day.


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