Day 54 - ProgNet conference, automatic tests, blogs

September 14, 2018 22:39 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Communicated with coach via slack and read through his sample code that will test a fetch api, he also gave us a link to useful materials to test react.

Blog of conference started for day 3, again I tagged #ProgNET on twitter with screen shots. I attended the following talk and workshop;

 @ Keynote speech - Trisha Gee - Career advice for programmers - This was very useful and I have copied the links of resources .  The list of skills other than technical skills that programmers have are research,  ask questions, communication skills, be adaptable, scientific method, as well as good English, especially reading english.

 @ Rachel Appel - Build data driven Web apps using ASP.Net Core.  This was an intense 3.5 hour workshop.  She went through lots of points I didn't know and I felt very much out of depth, it was an intermediate level workshop but I thought this more relevant to the project I am working on.  She was explaining and had a demo on a windows pc which didn't apply to my mac.  I was lost at the beginning of the workshop.  However I had the internet so I went to the resource page and started working through creating the app but on a mac.  I have developed my confidence since RGSoC as I felt that I was just learning and didn't need to do exactly what everybody else was doing as I was learning at my own pace and in my own way.  I created my app, I found Rachel Appel's github and was able to create the app in the time and felt good that I had struggled through and began to understand core and create a basic app which had a chat component.

 @ Ruby Gem - evolution through visualisation - This was a great workshop covered history from waterfall, scrum, KanBan and then introduced  single piece flow.  It also introduced creating stories rather than cards to explain what your app/feature will do.  We then spent time creating a cartoon to visualise this story.  Out of all the groups my group came second and won some chocolate caramels!  We also covered briefly event storming, service mapping, impact mapping, roadmaps, sprints, church roof progress.  It was interesting to look at the different visual ways that development can be communicated that can be accessible to all parts of the business.

  @Amie D Dansby - Making useless stuff: - a tale of magic, code and the unknown - This was the closing keynote for the conference.  She talked about taking something you were good at and trying something new and making lots of mistakes but having fun.  She creates 3d prints of dragon scales with leds for costumes, this is her part time hobby passion from her day job of developing in the game industry. 

I have really enjoyed attending this conference and I have met and connected with some lovely people. I have felt more confident holding technical development conversations with them and happy to ask them questions about their developer's career, their jobs and past projects. The conference was attended by about 95% male, however the speakers were 33% women.


Design talk on "mindset of learning" for RGSoC meetup

Continue with design of 2nd Blog. Chatted with eva via imessage to get more information.


Complete and put in a pull request for 2nd blog.

Restyle the search form to new design, and fix the spinner for search form.

The UI design of the table for the search form

Create new tests based on the model test that a coach has helped with.


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