Monday July 27th, 2015

July 27, 2015 22:36 UTC Team CocoaGems [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We did:

Morning Scrum
Calendaring and Scheduling for this week of July 27th to the 31st
CP Label Plugin Tutoring Session with Boris Buegling:
Call with project supervisor Vyki
Merged pull request for our blog
Discussed future blog posts for our blog

Karla did:
Created and Series of Questions for our tutorial with Boris Buegling :
[WIP] Editied the file on locally
iOSTutorial with coach Rob Rix for PanelPower
Merged Samuel Giddins, Kyle Fuller's and Rob Rix's Pull Request for
Read Chapter 3 of Why's Poignant Guide - While completing all exercises per chapter

Emma did:
In the morning: Worked on issue:
Wrote some notes to our screen hero notes repo from our session with Boris:
Finished all chapters on Try Ruby tutorial:


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