Day 52

September 14, 2018 10:58 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

After our daily standup we worked on changes that were requested for issue#28 and issue#3881

For issue#28 we

  • Created a global gitignore file:__ git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore_global
  • Added the .DS_Store files to the global gitignore file: echo ".DS_Store" >> ~/.gitignore_global
  • Performed an interactive rebase git rebase -i <SHA before commit>
  • Removed the offending .DS_Store files
  • We will need to clean up the PR and review it with our coaches before we submit the final version.

For issue # 3881

For now we decided with our mentors to put this issue aside and focus on building out the feature that was assigned to us. Once we finish the work on the feature we will return to issue#3881.

In the afternoon we had a meeting with our mentors, our RGSoC supervisor, and our coaches. Even though the meeting was difficult, it was good to have a conversation with everyone to see how we can get the most out of the remaining two weeks. We are grateful that our mentors recognized all of the effort that we have made this summer and it was helpful to recognize the challenge of simultaneously trying to learn Ruby and Rails, while also trying to figure out a large codebase and all of the components required to contribute to an open source project. One of the most important reflections that came out of the meeting was that everyone did the best job given the information that they were working with. The summer has meant so much to us, and it has been life changing. Before the summer we did not think that becoming developers was something that we could do. We know that it will take persistent effort and work to achieve this, but we are finishing the summer with the confidence that what we want is attainable. The importance of having clarity on what our careers will look like is something that we did not expect we would attain but are grateful for. This alone has made the RGSoC program exceed our expectations, and it is something we could not have done without RGSoC, our coaches, and the Exercism team.

We do wish that we had aligned priorties with everyone sooner. The outcome of the meeting gave us many lessons that we will carry with us throughout our careers, and it will help us make the RGSoC process better for future cohorts. We hope to continue contributing to the Exercism project even beyond this summer because it is a project and team that we have grown to care a lot deeply about.


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