Day 52 - ProgNet and CSS and Blog

September 12, 2018 20:41 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Attended ProgNet conference. Tagged #ProgNet on twitter. Got to chat to lots of programmers, socialise and gather information not just technically but also attitudes to different technologies and development of software. Talks I attended -

    @ Udi Dahan - Own the future - talked about the future of software and also the history.   

     @ Luce Carter - Zero to mobile hero - intro to xamarin and visual studio team services - this was interesting to see as a comparison to react native and how quickly it was to create an app.  a fantastic example that she referred to was health care software app which is a mobile chest xray, and a skin cancer prediction using ai app.   She also introduced me to azure devops continuous integration which was great as I had a reference point using Travis CI with our project.  

      @ Rabeb Othmani - Combining the power of bots & Microsoft Azure to build the apps of the future - apart from her talk she taught me how to maintain composure when her laptop with her slides, demo and code had a blue screen of death 5 mins into her talk.  She smiled, was honest and had a sense of humour.  All whilst rebooting her machine and getting another laptop prepped as a back up if her laptop didn't recover. 

         @Rachel Appel - Build Real-Time High-Performing Software with ASP.NET Core - This was very relevant to the project that I am working on as it was all about http calls, issues and seeing both sides of the api - server and client.  I was introduced to 

         @  Willow Rendle - from scratch to unity 3d - learning to code by making games - This was a great talk by a 12 year old girl that was sharing her programming journey from scratch, hopscotch and now Unity 3d.  She did a live demo, showed a project she had worked on and was very funny.  Great inspiration for women coders!

           @ Mete Atamel - google home meets containers on google cloud.  This was another good talk about technologies I didn't even know about.  Again I was listening to not just his content of his talk but how he introduced his talk, he gave very clear expectations and how his machine was going to simulate a google home device for performance reasons.  He also had two great infographics that were very easy to understand the technologies emphasising the importance of powerful slides.

The closing talk was a panel in the style of "have I got new for you". This was really funny and great stories related to technology. My favourite was a history of commitment messages for github. It made me think of some of the messages I have done.


Looking at Jest Test for Search form, easy test, does it render search input component and a button. Need to look at how to test fetch api requests and when their is a response the state of the search form is updated with the data. Coach that I spoke to is going to help with this.

Continue to look at CSS refactoring and the implications of breaking apart the index.css with inherited styling.

Blog of conference started, have emailed RGSoC as to where to put this blog. I looked a medium and signing up as a writer. So as well as doing talks, look at writing more as I want to share what I have learnt to a wider audience.

Second blog..gathering ideas of how to present what we have learnt in a fun but informative way.


SVG inline styling for the search icon so that this can be a child of the button, along with the text so that they can be styled independently.

Waiting for the UI design of the table to display the data results from the Fetch API. So until we get this review the libraries of react tables.,, and

Look for duplicate code that can be refactored.


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