Day 51 - CSS, API, React Table Libaries

September 11, 2018 21:08 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Met with Bahmni mentor to review current story and progress. Shared screen on zoom to show code and talk through reasoning. Ivo then made a small list of changes and kindly emailed his notes, he is very methodical and great mentor when learning.

Added a legend to the Search Form and put a border around the input and button to separate in preparation for displaying the data.

Created fake data on another branch to understand how this data can be manipulated.

Met with coach to discuss REST API, Testing, CSS. Explained to coach and shared screen on zoom to show our current progress of our app. This is good practice and although I am familiar with the app it is helping me to understand it better by explaining and answering questions.

He explained about- encodeURIComponent("v=bob&name=g") encoding query params so that if a person has special characters in their name it would still be able to return the relevant data. This may become necessary when we are testing on names in their local area.

Our search form doesn't have any tests at the moment, so discussed with coach different testing options from snapshot to using He is going to put together some information so that we can build upon and create for our app.

CSS classnames - looked at names and changing them to be more specific so that they don't get reused inadvertently for example rather than just button calling it search-button.

Consistency consistency consistency when making changes to the Navbar although there are several ways to create the links, keep to one way.

My feeling today and learning is that I have a greater appreciation of people coding CSS. It is an art. I talked with our Bahmni mentor and he expressed how people need to see both sides of development back and front so that people have an appreciation of each other and although different everybody has their skill.


Index.CSS needs to be organised and different CSS files created and grouped together per component. This will make it clearer what are global CSS and component classes.

Work on the visual side of user interface with particular attention to flex wrap when the screen resizes, positioning of SVG files in buttons.


Waiting for the UI design of the table to display the data results from the Fetch API. So until we get this review the libraries of react tables.,, and

Another story waiting for analysis in Jira which is to connect our app with the existing Bahmni system!

Look for duplicate code especially on button logic and see if this can be extracted into a generic component.


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